Fátima Cristina Canazaro Dargam
PhD, MSc, Eng., BA.
Email: F.Dargam (@) SimTechnology.com
Phone: +43-316-386278-45
Fax: +43-316-386278-15
Address: SimTech Simulation Technology
Riesstrasse 120
A-8010 Graz, Austria
Skype username: fatima.dargam

Last updated:  January, 2015

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Research Interests

Fátima Dargam’s research interests reside mainly in the development of intelligent, distributed and cooperative web-based decision support systems for various applications; bridging the areas of  knowledge management and decision making. Other topics of her interest include: decision analysis; big data; social networks relation to decision making; ontology; belief revision and updates; knowledge representation; theory and applications of inconsistent knowledge; non-monotonic reasoning; multi-agent systems; expert systems as well as multi-criteria decision making and dynamic systems.

In the area of Decision Support Systems, many different research projects were carried out over the years, including tutorial expert systems; cooperative DSS; Negotiation Systems and web-based tools for DSS. More recently emphasis has been directed to projects concerning modeling and implementation of Decision Support Systems using web technology; approaches that tackle Big Data Analytics for Decision Making and Dynamic Multi-criteria Decision Making applications.

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