Fátima Cristina Canazaro Dargam
PhD, MSc, Eng., BA.
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Last updated:  October, 2014

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Painting Interests
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Fátima started learning classical painting in oil when she was 16, and has produced for some years mainly paintings of still-life and landscapes. Later, in watercolor she has also pursued the classical and pictorial line in her studies, painting still-life, flowers, and landscapes. It was only recently, when she attended a painting course at EAV - Parque Lage in Rio de Janeiro, that she was encouraged by the artist Joao Magalhães (her teacher) to do more abstract work. Since then, the abstract painting style has fascinated her. By having the freedom of painting abstracts, Fátima found what she calls "the perfect way" to express her feelings and impressions on canvas and paper.

Painting Techniques: Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic

Painting Signature: F.Canazaro


(Selection of Fátima's recent paintings in Acrylic.)


2003/2004 - Watercolor course (Therese Kniepeiß), Graz, Austria.

2003 - Painting/Arts course (Joao Magalhães), Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

1992 - Pastel Drawing  & Painting Workshop, Imperial College Students Association, London, England.

1992 - Watercolor Workshop, Imperial College Students Association, London, England.

1976-1980 - Oil Painting Classes (Francisco Fernandes), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

1975 - Drawing course, Escola de Artes do Zoológico, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


November-December 2007 - "Destinos y Colores", Fátima Canazaro's Collective Exhibition with Marisol Vazquez de Track and César Cano, in ECML - European Centre for Modern Languages, Graz, Austria. A collection of 10 paintings in Acrylic and Mixed-technique on Canvas was presented by Fátima in this exhibition. (This exhibition was organized by LAIS, the Latin American Institute for Styria, in Graz)

March-May 2006 - "Together", Fátima Canazaro's Duo Exhibition with Gabriele Resel, Traminer Weinstube, Graz, Austria. A collection of 15 paintings in Acrylic and Mixed-technique on Canvas was
presented by Fátima in this exhibition.

May 2004 - "Reflections of Nowhere", F.Canazaro's Individual Exhibition, Café Ritter, Graz, Austria.
A collection of 40 paintings in Watercolor, Oil, Acrylic and Mixed-technique on Canvas and Paper, 
which brings some of the painter's impressions of her home-country, as well as of her own fantasy and imagination. (Click here to see some moments of this exhibition.)

Fev-April 2004 - Collective Watercolor Exhibition, Pfarre Graz-Süd, Graz, Austria.

9.Nov.2003 - Eine-Welt-Kreis Presentation & Watercolor Exhibition (Individual - Topic: Brazil), Pfarre Graz-Ragnitz, Graz, Austria.

A short story about Fátima's way to painting

Since her adolescence, Fátima has shown great interest for drawing and painting. She has started her first painting course in Rio de Janeiro, encouraged by her parents (Nair & Canazaro), when she was 16 years old. By then she had private oil painting classes with Francisco Fernandes - a painter friend of her family – who taught her the basic painting techniques, which she still uses today. After painting in oil for four years, Fátima gradually stopped. She had to concentrate her interests towards her graduate studies, and then later towards her professional career as engineer and her post-graduate studies. It was only in the early 90’s, during the five years that she had lived in London doing her Ph.D. in Computer Science, that she had again the motivation for painting. Then she bought new painting material and attended two painting workshops. The inspiration and the wish for painting were since then always present, however time was never enough. In March 2003, Fátima decided to change her priorities in life and re-started painting. That happened after she received the sad news about the sudden death of a close friend of the family in Brazil. Marta was the best friend of her sister Denise, and died at the age of 46. That was a turning point for Fátima. At that time she had most likely much less time for painting than before, when she was living in London. Since 1995 she has been married to Erhard Perz, has moved to Graz, and by 2003 she already had two children (Markus, 5; Lukas, 3), and had to conciliate her work with family life. Nevertheless, her determination and self-confidence have, since then, motivated her sufficiently to pursue her objectives and find more and more time for painting. It seems she has found the balance she needed to compensate her technical working side. Now painting is again part of Fátima’s life. An activity that she performs with great pleasure, as a tribute for Marta.